Klaviyo ESP integration with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Klaviyo is a trigger-based ESP and user engagement platform for marketing, growth, and engagement.                 


Klaviyo has a powerful feature that allows you to send emails to your clients using SendGrid as your Email Service Provider. Klaviyo can be used for retargeting and re-engagement campaigns. Klaviyo’s email functionality is built on top of Sendgrid's platform. SendGrid supports Universal Links, which enables AppsFlyer OneLinks to perform as expected.


  • AppsFlyer iOS SDK version 4.9.0

Set up AppsFlyer

Perform the following steps in AppsFlyer:

  1. Create OneLink:
    1. Create a OneLink template for your email campaigns.
    2. Configure the app to support deep linking with OneLink.
  2. Follow steps 3-6 from the SendGrid integration: 
    1. Host an Apple app site association file (AASA).
    2. Configure your AppsFlyer SDK.
    3. Send your first email.
    4. Test your links.