Tealium integration with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Tealium, a Customer Data Platform (CDP), connects customer data across the web, mobile, IoT, and offline. Learn how to automatically share conversion data with Tealium.



By integrating Tealium with AppsFlyer, mobile customers can leverage the AppsFlyer mobile attribution SDK and send attribution conversion data directly to their Tealium AudienceStream profile.


Some media sources restrict sharing data with third parties. Therefore, postbacks for restricted events won't be sent to this partner, regardless of the configured selection for sending postbacks.

Setting up Tealium 

You can choose one of the following ways to integrate Tealium with AppsFlyer:

  • Client-side integration
  • Server-side integration

Client-side integration

Use remote commands for iOS and Android libraries, allowing native code to be triggered in the AppsFlyer SDK.

To integrate Tealium using client-side integration:

Server-side integration

Set up the AppsFlyer App Events connector in your Customer Data Hub account to transmit data between Tealium and AppsFlyer in real time.

To integrate Tealium using server-side integration: