Testing iOS SDK Integration

Testing and Debugging the SDK

Integrating AppsFlyer's SDK for iOS is easy and straightforward. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you test the integration before submitting the app to the app store.

Why Should I Debug and Test Anyway?

Carefully tested integration ensures accurate and comprehensive data collection.

By testing the SDK integration, you make sure that installs and in-app events are tracked and attributed to the correct campaigns.

So How do I Test and Debug The SDK Integration?

There are two ways you can test and debug the SDK integration. 

Basic Testing - Testing the Integration from Your Dashboard

AppsFlyer dashboard has a dedicated integration testing section. The SDK Integration Tests section in the dashboard allows you to test non-organic installs, in-app events and deep linking.

Advanced Testing - Debugging Directly from The Development Environment

The SDK Integration Tests section only tests for a limited set of features. It doesn't cover purchase validation, conversion data and errors in SDK setup. You can test these in the development environment with the help of the debug log.

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