Cost Sharing for Ad Networks

Why Share Cost?

Advertisers use AppsFlyer’s dashboard as their source of truth for all budget allocation decisions, making it easy to see where to invest. For networks wanting to be visible in that process, sharing cost data with AppsFlyer is an absolute must.

Advertisers often check their top performing partners using sort by ROI. Those with no cost data always appear at the bottom of the list.


How to Share Cost

The integration is very simple.

To enable advertisers to see cost data, add the following 3 parameters to the click URL:

  • af_cost_model=CPI (currently CPI is the model we support)
  • af_cost_ value={insert CPI value, e.g. 9.99}
  • af_cost_currency={insert 3 letter currency code. If blank we will assume USD}

An example of a tracking link before encryption:

The same tracking link after encryption:

If you prefer not to reveal the actual cost value in the tracking URL, you can encrypt parameters by following the instructions here.

Who is Sharing Cost?

To see a full list of the networks that are support cost click here.

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