SDK information (version & consent) dashboard

At a glance: Dashboard view of SDK, operating system (iOS, Android) adoption rates, and iOS ATT consent metrics. 

Version adoption and ATT consent dashboard

Data in the dashboard is derived from the af_open (session) event and isn't related to install events. The dashboard has the following main sections: 

  • SDK version information; available for all platforms (Android and  iOS)
  • ATT consent metrics and iOS 16.1+ adoption (which provides the potential for SKAN 4 data)

To view the SDK information dashboard:

  1. In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Settings > SDK Information
  2. Set the activity date range. 
    The metrics displayed are described in the sections that follow. 

SDK information (iOS and Android) 

The following shows the version metrics available for iOS and Android apps using the most recent app open (launch) date 

Users by  Example
App version

Notice the introduction of app version V1.4.28 on May 20, 2021


SDK version

Notice the introduction of SDK V6.1.4 on May 20, 2021


Operating system version


Device type


 iOS and ATT metrics

The iOS version your users adopt can make a difference into what sort of data is available. For example, if users have iOS 16.1+, SKAN 4 data is potentially available. 

The ATT status is set by iOS and reported to AppsFlyer by your app. The possible ATT status values are:

  • Authorized: The user granted explicit agreement to be tracked
  • Denied: The user explicitly didn't agree to be tracked, or LAT was on before the user upgraded to iOS 14+
  • Not determined: The ATT prompt was not displayed, or the user didn't respond
  • Restricted: Apple doesn't permit the user to be tracked 


  • Chart metrics are calculated using unique user app-open events on a given date. Meaning, if a user didn't open the app on a given date that user isn't counted in the metrics of that date.
  • iOS and ATT metrics only include the ATT values defined by Apple; not additional values defined by AppsFlyer.
  • Consent rate metrics are calculated using the formula: Authorized / (Authorized + Denied) x 100

ATT and iOS adoption metrics for iOS apps

Chart Example and remarks
ATT status of app opens


Relates to users having iOS 14+ who open the app on a given date. This means that the metrics display the user's ATT status on the given date. 

Consent by app version


Consent trend


iOS 16.1 user adoption rate  iso_user_adoption_rate.png