Non-Organic Uninstall Raw Data Reports

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AppsFlyer allows advertisers to pull the Uninstall Raw Data for all non-organic installs.

This is an AppsFlyer premium feature.

This feature allows the advertiser to perform the following:

  • Analyze the uninstall event, device and user characteristics
  • Build an uninstall event audience for retargeting

The Uninstall Raw Data Reports is available in the following interfaces:

  • Export Data in the Reports section of the dashboard.

  • Pull API

  • Data Locker (Premium Feature)


  • The uninstall event time is under the V5 "Event time" field. It does not represent the exact time of the uninstall event. Rather it holds the time of the periodic query to the store's cloud, upon which AppsFlyer discovered the app has been uninstalled. Therefore, the actual time of uninstall may be up to 24 hours prior to the raw data event time. For more information, click here.
  • Currently, the following fields are empty - SDK Version, App Version, WIFI, Operator, Carrier, Customer User ID, IDFV, Device Type, App Name and Bundle ID.
  • To ensure accurate data in the report, make sure the Uninstall Measurement is correctly implemented in the SDK. For details of Uninstall Measurement, click here.
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