Non-Organic Uninstall Raw Data Reports

AppsFlyer allows advertisers to pull the Uninstall Raw Data for all non-organic installs.

This is an AppsFlyer premium feature.

This feature allows the advertiser to perform the following:

  • Analyze the uninstall event, device and user characteristics  
  • Build an uninstall event audience for retargeting

The Uninstall Raw Data Reports will be available in the following interfaces:

  • Export Data in the Reports section of the dashboard.

  • Pull API 

  • Data Locker (Premium Feature)


  • The scheme of the Non-Organic Uninstall Raw Data Report is V5.  For more information, click here.
  • Currently, the following fields are empty - SDK Version, App Version, WIFI, Operator, Carrier, Customer User ID, IDFV, Device Type, App Name and Bundle ID.
  • To ensure accurate data in the report, make sure the Uninstall Tracking is correctly implemented in the SDK. For details of Uninstall Tracking, click here.
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