Agency Data Transparency (Closed Beta)

You can now easily view the traffic data conducted by your agency, by asking your agency to become transparent.  

Transparency reveals the agency traffic sources, channels, and other traffic data in the AppsFlyer platform.

Agency Transparency in Dashboard

In the main dashboard, click on Advanced (in blue) to select a specific agency in the Agency field.


Select the agency marked as transparent to view all of the traffic provided by that agency.


The dashboard reflects the data of the transparent agency.  

The screenshot below shows the media sources used by the transparent agencies.


Agency Transparency in Reports

Both Aggregated and Raw Data Reports display the data traffic sources of the transparent agency.  

NOTE:  For transparent agencies, the Agency/PMD (af_prt) column contains the agency name and the Media Source (pid) column contains the name of the media source used by the transparent agency. For non-transparent agencies both columns contain the agency name.

Agency Transparency in Retention

The Group By filter allows you to group by agency and media source to reflect the transparent agency traffic.


API Access

Agency transparency is supported for all API access.

Known Limitation:

  • Activity and Cohort are currently unsupported.


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