URL fallback for iOS 10.3 and later

At a glance: From iOS 10.3 and later, an iOS security feature redirects regular and OneLink attribution links to Safari. This article provides an overview and describes both set-up procedures and the user fallback experience.

Overview of fallback URL solution 

The flowchart, below, shows several scenarios that need to be considered. Check that you have a solution ready for each scenario. 

  • Default fallback URLs are set in the dashboard.
  • Set a default fallback URL for both regular and OneLink attribution links. 
  • [Optional] Set an explicit fallback URL on a regular or OneLink attribution link using the af_ios_fallback parameter.

Scenarios flowchart


Setting up URL fallbacks

Only an account admin can set fallback URL links. Follow the procedures, below, to implement the fallback URL. Then, when a user clicks Cancel in Safari, they are redirected to the fallback URL. 

Regular attribution links

To set a fallback URL for regular attribution links:

  1. In Appsflyer, go to ConfigurationApp Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced settings section.
  3. In the URL fallback for iOS 10.3 and later field, enter a redirect URL. 
  4. Click Save changes

OneLink attribution links

To set a fallback URL for OneLink attribution links:

  1. In Appsflyer, go to Engagement & Deep Linking > OneLink Templates.
  2. Select a template name.
  3. Go to Desktop web setup.
  4. In the Web URL field, enter a redirect URL. 
  5. Click Save OneLink template

Explicit fallback URL parameter

The explicit fallback URL parameter, af_ios_fallback, can be implemented on both regular and OneLink attribution links. This parameter overrides the default redirect URL set in the dashboard. 

Fallback URL user experience

iOS 10.3 (and later versions) have a security feature that redirects mobile attribution links to Safari. When there is a URL fallback, users have a smooth experience because they are redirected to your fallback URL.

If a user clicks Cancel, 

  • They are redirected to a page showing your app name and logo.
  • On this page, there is an option to download the app in the App Store.  

Safari page



Page with app name, logo, and download link




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