Google AdWords Conversions - Old API


The conversion window for app install conversion actions cannot be edited: it is always 30 days. Therefore, to minimize discrepancies, we recommend setting a 30-days click lookback window in our platform for AdWords.


1.  In Integrated Partners, find Google AdWords and edit the setting:

2.  You must define one first app open conversion per platform (IOS and Android). The same conversion can be used for all the campaigns, no matter the channel, so you normally need to do that only once per app.

2.1.  From the toolbar on the Google AdWords main page go to Tools  >> Conversions

2.3.  Select App as the source of conversion you want to track

2.4.  In the App conversions, select First opens and in-app action, then select the correct platform and then select App installs (first-open)

3.  Name your conversion, chose whether or not to associate a value to it.

4.  Find your app in the store.

5.  Set include in Conversions to Yes.

To set up the postback of the conversion:

1.  From your AppsFlyer account go to Settings >> Integrated Partners >> Google AdWords

2.  Copy the postback URL and paste it to your Google AdWords Account.

3.  Click Done

4.  Choose Set up a server-to-server conversion and take the Conversion ID and Label and copy it from your Google AdWords account:

5. Paste the Conversion ID and Label to your AppsFlyer account:


  • If you have set other conversions than the ones defined for first app open to be Included in Conversions, in the campaign view of AdWords, you can see in the Conversions and in the converted clicks column the sum of all conversions.

We strongly recommend that you set only this conversion as Included, otherwise the main table of AdWords’ Dashboard may be hard to read.

You may want to segment this table by conversion category or by conversion name to see the results per conversions. To do that:

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