Google Marketing Platform (DoubleClick) Integration Guide (CM, DV360 & Agency)

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Using AppsFlyer to attribute conversions from your Google DoubleClick campaigns is simple and easy. When you view an ad for a mobile app and then click on it, DoubleClick records the ad click in their system. When the mobile app is installed, AppsFlyer queries DoubleClick at the first app open to determine if the install can be attributed to them.

To start tracking installs from your DoubleClick's account please follow the simple configuration steps under the Integration Guide tab.

Make sure your DoubleClick campaigns are set-up correctly for tracking in-app attributions. See the DoubleClick support pages for more information.


These support pages require a login to the DoubleClick UI to access:

DoubleClick and AppsFlyer have different attribution models, which may lead to different results displayed on the dashboards. Click here for a list of these discrepancy reasons with DoubleClick.

Agencies can also run and track campaigns on DoubleClick for their app owner clients.


Google Marketing Platform currently only supports custom schema links for deep linking and re-engagement campaigns in Campaign Manager and DV360 (DBM).

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