Agencies and Special Integrated Networks

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Some integrated ad networks require their advertiser clients to send them data about ALL their app installs, including from other ad networks or from organic users.

Some of the more important networks that require this are Tapjoy, InMobi, Applovin, Vungle, Dynalyst and AdColony, among others.

While for advertisers this is not a problem, for agencies the option is not available.

The reason for this is that agencies can only have access to their own generated traffic by definition, and data of ALL users is beyond their mandate. 

How Can Agencies Work with Special Integrated Networks?

There are several options for agencies to start working with these networks, depending on if the agency would like to hide the name of the networks they work with from the advertiser, or not.

Agency Hides the Ad Network

  • Ask the ad network if this data is vital - It may be possible for an agency to start tracking installs with a network without checking the enable box, but the network has to confirm this won't cause them any attribution problems. The 'Enable' option needs not to be checked if the network agrees. 
  • Get Principal permission from the advertiser client - in many cases the advertiser would principally agree to enable an ad network to get data about all its user devices. Include AppsFlyer's support or your CSM in the correspondence where the advertiser agrees to this. On another thread ask AppsFlyer to check the Enable box. 

Agency Reveals the Ad Network

  • Ask the advertiser to enable the box
  • Ask the advertiser to give permissions to the agency on the relevant ad network's setup window (not applicable for all networks)
  • Ask the advertiser to give permissions to the ad network to change its setup, and enable the box.

In any case make sure the agency name appears on the tracking link with the af_prt parameter.

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