Agency data transparency for advertisers

At a glance: Learn about agency data transparency to understand its impact on how your data is presented in AppsFlyer.

Agency transparency in reports 

Agencies work with advertisers in either a transparent or non-transparent manner. Aggregate and raw data reports populate the agency and media source fields as detailed in the table. 

Attributed by  Agency type Agency/PMF (af_prt) field Media source (pid) field
AppsFlyer Transparent Agency name Actual media source used by the agency
AppsFlyer Non-transparent Agency name
  • Raw data: blank
  • Aggregate data: agency name
SKAdNetwork Both. Transparent and non-transparent Not Applicable

For SKAdNetwork reports and dashboard: The actual media source used by the agency.

Changing from transparent to non-transparent

  • Agency data transparency toggle is on by default, which means that advertisers can then view the details of traffic generated by an agency. However, Meta and Twitter traffic, as well as SKAdNetwork traffic and data from usage reports, are always transparent.
  • When agency transparency is enabled, you are able to view both historical and current data.
  • To disable data transparency, go to App settings and turn off Allow transparency

Viewing transparent agency traffic in the Overview dashboard

To see traffic from transparent agencies:

  1. Go to DashboardOverview 

  2. Select the Agency filter.


    The list of agencies you work with is displayed. Transparent agencies are marked accordingly.

  3. Select the agencies whose traffic you want to view.
    The dashboard displays media sources used by transparent agencies.

Note: Using the Group By filter, you can group the data by agency too. Selecting multiple agencies in the agency filter and grouping by agency, you can compare in your dashboard the performance of the different agencies with whom you are running campaigns. 

Agency transparency in the retention dashboard

The Group By filter allows you to group data by agency and media source to reflect the transparent agency traffic.