Setting Currency for Existing Apps


AppsFlyer's localization feature makes it easier than ever to put your data to work for you. Set the currency for your app, and all of your dashboards and reports are automatically converted to match your preference.

Until now, by default, your currency was set to USD.

Changing the Default Currency

You can now change the default currency via your App Settings page, under Localization.


Once this process is complete, all of your data is presented in your selected currency.

Presentation of the Data

Set out below are the ways in which the data is presented.

Dashboard and Raw Reports

The dashboard and Raw Reports present all of your data in your selected currency.

Push API

The Push API shows:
  • Selected Currency
  • The Currency in USD

Pull APIEdit section

The Pull API shows, by default the currency in USD.

To receive the data in your preferred currency, please add the following to your request link:



  • Currency change is available to apps with no revenue or cost.
  • For new apps, the currency can also be set when the app is added.
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