Live Alerts

At a glance: Set alerts to monitor a wide range of KPIs in real-time.


To manage Live Alerts, in AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > Live Alerts

Adding an alert 

To create a new alert:

  1. In Live Alerts, click Add Alert.LiveAlerts_us-en.jpg
  2. Fill in an Alert Name.
  3. Select the app to monitor.
  4. Set the alert Priority. Select from one of the following: High, Medium, or Low.
  5. Select the traffic using Dimension and Filter:
    • DimensionSelect a dimension from one of the following:
      • (default) All App Traffic
      • Media Source
      • Campaign
      • Ad Set
      • Ad
      • Geo
      • Site ID
    • Filter
      • The filter list is populated according to the dimension chosen. The first item in the filter list is Any followed by the Dimension name, like Any Media Source. Selecting Any means that the list is not filtered.
      • Business package users and above can also set a single monitor for any value of a specific dimension. For example, Alert for any Media Source with specific KPI behaviors.
  6. Define the alert trigger: The alert trigger is defined by comparing the current value of a KPI to a previously known KPI value. 
    • Attribution KPIs
      • Installs
      • Clicks
      • Impressions
      • Conversion Rate
      • Cost
      • Average eCPI
    • Rule: increased by, decreased by, greater than, less than
    • Threshold: in percentage or absolute value depending on the rule. Meaning: increased by is in percentage whereas less than is an absolute value.
    • Compared to: same day last week, last week, lasts 72 hours, last 24 hours.
    • Min number of KPI name: to avoid activating the alert when the number of data points (events) used to calculate the KPI is too small. 
  7. Select Notifications Channels: Alerts are sent daily to the notification channels you select. You can send to one or more channels. Select from:
    • Email: Select or enter one or more email addresses. Note: External email addresses are permitted.
    • Slack: Send to a Slack channel. Select Slack > Add to Slack. Follow the online instructions to configure sending alerts to Slack. You can select multiple Slack channels. 
    • AppsFlyer Mobile AppSelect/enter the emails of the account users. Note: External emails are not permitted. 
  8. (Optional) Send a test alert, to ensure that the notification channel is correctly setup. To do so:
    • Click on the down arrow adjacent to the selected channel. 
    • The Send Test option displays. 
    • Select Send Test.
  9. Click Save Alert.

Modifying and viewing alerts

The Live Alerts window displays information about defined alerts.

To open the Live Alerts window:

  • In AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > Live Alerts

In the Live Alerts window, you can do the following:

  • Search for Alerts: Use the Search Alerts field to search for and filter alerts matching the text entered. Search can be performed on the following subjects:
    • Priority
    • Alert Name
    • App Name
    • Last Triggered Date
  • Modify an alert configuration: Select the alert to modify it.
  • Active: Change the active state disable/enable.
  • Use the Actions control to:
    • Duplicate an alert
    • Delete an alert


  • When are alerts sent?

    Attribution alerts: daily at 07:00 using the app-defined time zone.

  • What is the Covid-19 organic effect alert? 
    If enabled, an alert is sent if organic installs increase by more than 25% from one day to the next. 
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