Snapchat Marketing Partners Configuration

  • Advertisers

Advertisers can work with Snapchat's Marketing Partners to optimize campaigns on Snapchat. When configured, AppsFlyer sends postbacks to the configured Snapchat marketing partner.

1. Enable Snapchat attribution

Advertisers can follow the instructions here on how to enable attribution for Snapchat.

2. Configure the Snapchat Marketing Partner configuration

2.1 Click Integrated Partners from the left sidebar


2.2 Enter the name of the Snapchat Marketing Partner you would like to work with in the search box and press on the logo.


Enter "snapchat" on the integrated partners box to receive the list of Snapchat marketing partners.

3. Enter the Snap Account ID

3.1 From the Business Manager window, copy the Snap Account ID highlighted above in green on the Snapchat UI and paste it (with the hyphens) on the AppsFlyer Snap Account ID parameter as show on the screenshot below.

3.2 Press Save


Disabling attribution for Snapchat prevents sending postbacks to Snapchat Marketing Partners.

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