Starting your app promotion campaigns in China

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China is the world’s most exciting market for app businesses, also it can be your biggest headache, due to particular media landscape, complex Android ecosystem, bureaucracy and language barrier, etc.

This article is intended to provide you with an overview of China's Mobile Market, including market insights, technical instruction and and introduction to your local partners.

Firstly, we have prepared a practical playbook for Global App Marketers who want to win in China.

The playbook helps you understand:

  • The potential of the Chinese mobile marketing space
  • How the Chinese Market differs from other markets
  • Challenges faced by app businesses in China
  • How other advertisers and partners have adapted to the market
  • Which Chinese media partners are right for your app

Secondly, we are happy to tell that AppsFlyer has integrated and pre-configured with all major Chinese media sources to support your user acquisition in China. Here are the integrated Chinese partners’ introductions and configuration guides for both Android and iOS platforms.

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