How to Configure a Campaign with Baidu Native Ads

NOTE:  If you want to promote your Android Apps with Baidu Native Ads, you must send IMEI to AppsFlyer SDK according to the instructions in the AppsFlyer SDK Integration - Android. Google Play service is blocked in China, IMEI is the most popular android device id for ad tracking. And you need to upload your Android App to Baidu Developer Center.

Configuring the Campaign 

To configure a campaign with Baidu Native Ads, follow the steps below:

1.  Acquire AppsFlyer tracking link to create Conversion rule

Once you have registered your app with AppsFlyer, you must set up a campaign in the dashboard.

To do this, click the app that you want to advertise or select Overview from the drop-down menu:


Configure Integrated Partner

Click Integrated Partners on the left side of the screen:


Select Baidu Native Ads

In the Integrated Partners page, select Baidu Native Ads as the media source.

Enter Baidu Native Ads in the search box or click the Tag China Domestic Ad Network and then scroll down to find Baidu Native Ads:


Generate the Tracking URL

1.  Click the Baidu Native Ads logo to open the Configuration window and acquire the Tracking Link:


Create Conversion at Baidu Native Ads

1.  Login to Baidu Native Ads ( > Enter News Feed Page


2.  Select CPC Bidding Ads:


3.  Go to Tools Center >> Click Conversion Tools >> Create New App Conversion


4.  Customize Conversion Name >> Choose OS >> Enter download page >> Enter AppsFlyer Tracking Link >> Submit


Start Test


1.  Download Baidu Promotion App on your mobile phone and use the scan feature to scan the two-dimension code at left.


2.  Install the App and click next step.

3.  Finish the conversion test.

Create your Baidu Native Ad Campaigns

1.  Create your Ad campaigns with the conversion as optimization target:


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