Importing Conversions New API


This article covers the steps that must be taken to import conversions from AppsFlyer to Google AdWords.  This process is essential for tracking any conversions, including installs.

Importing Conversions

Follow these steps to import conversions to Google AdWords:

1.  Follow the initial steps in the article here.

2. In the Google AdWords UI click the menu icon and then click Conversions:

3.  The Conversion Actions window opens.

4.  Click the + sign:

5.  Select App to track app installs and in-app actions.

6.  Select Third-party app analytics.

7.  To track installs, you must import first_open and to track all other events select the event that you want to track from the list.


8.  Click Import and Continue.


  • For events to appear in this list, the event must have occurred at least once after the Link ID has been configured.
  • If an event does not appear in the list or if it has been deleted.  Click on the 3 vertical dots and then Show Removed:

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