Google Ads Retargeting Campaigns


Retargeting campaigns are campaigns targeting existing users of your app. When a user clicks a retargeting campaign it launches the app directly using the deep link pre-configured in the app. 

You can easily track your Google ads retargeting campaigns with AppsFlyer following the instructions below. 


Your app must support deep links for you to run this type of campaign. Click here for more information.

Enabling Retargeting - AppsFlyer

To enable a Retargeting (Re-Engagement) campaign on Google Ads follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your app supports deep link.
  2. Enable retargeting campaigns for your app under app settings

  3. Toggle on the Google Ads retargeting toggle and click Save

  4. Importing Conversion - To track any conversion in Google Ads you must ensure conversions are imported based on the instructions in the article here.
    Make sure you import the event session_start to track app opens for re-engagement measurement campaigns (the event appears in the import window in Google Ads only after the retargeting integration traffic commences).


  • Google requires you to use deep links to advance the campaign.  Third party deep linking solutions are unlikely to be approved by Google due to a domain mismatch. This includes Universal and App Links as OneLink. As a workaround, where appropriate, use your own internally-developed universal links or custom schemas. This solution does not interfere with tracking and attribution.
  • There is no need to add any additional parameter to the deep link (is_retargeting=true and pid=adwords is not required).
  • The re-engagement window with Google ads is 30 days.
  • Re-attributions tracking is not supported with Google ads, only re-engagements.
  • For information about Dynamic Re-marketing for apps, click here


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