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The Time Zone for new apps is always set to UTC +0 by default. AppsFlyer's localization feature makes it easier than ever to get your data the way you want it. The time zone can be changed at any time to suit your requirements and all dashboard pages and reports will automatically be converted to match your preference.

For more details on how to change the time zone of your app, click here.

Features Supporting Preferred Time Zone

Check the table below to find out if the feature you want can be displayed with your preferred time zone.

Feature Name Supported? Additional Comments
Overview Y  
Events Y  
Retargeting Y  
Retention - Daily Y  
Retention - Weekly N With weekly aggregations of data the time zone differences are negligible
Cohort Y  
Activity Y MAU data is supported for UTC +0 only.
Export Data
(raw & aggregated)
Pull API
(raw & aggregated)
Y Possible to select any time zone for raw data and preferred time zone for aggregated. Details here
Scheduled Reports N UTC +0 only
Live Alerts Y  
SDK Information Y  
RightNow N/A Uses the user time for the live time series
Custom Dashboard Y Only shows the dashboard in time zone X if all apps in the custom dashboard are on this time zone. Otherwise, it falls back to UTC +0.
Shows only from the time zone switch date and onwards.
Pivot Table Y Only shows the pivot table in timezone X if all apps in your account are set to the same timezone. Otherwise, it falls back to UTC +0.
Master API Y UTC +0 by default. Add "&timezone=preferred" to the link to get preferred time zone.
Data Locker N UTC +0 only
Protect360 Y  
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