Google AdWords Partner Postbacks Configuration


Advertisers can work with Google AdWords Partners to optimize campaigns on Google AdWords. When configured, AppsFlyer sends postbacks to the configured Google AdWords partner.


The configuration detailed below is not for attributing installs to a selected partner in AppsFlyer, but only for sending postbacks to a selected partner running AdWords. For details of how to configure attributing installs, click here.


This is only relevant for the Google AdWords new API.

Enabling Google AdWords Attribution

Advertisers can follow the instructions here on how to enable attribution for Google AdWords.

What Information is Accessible?

Once you have completed the configuration for Partner Postbacks, the following information can be received, depending on the partner integration that has been configured:

1. For details of all the macros available on AppsFlyer's Postbacks, click here.
2. All parameters available from Google response.  For a description of each parameter, click here:

Ad Events ID Campaign ID Campaign Name Campaign Type External Customer ID (CID) Network TYpe Network Sub Type Timestamp Video ID
Ad Group ID Creative ID Keywork Match Type Placement Ad Type Interaction Type Conversion Metric Location


The information available is based solely on the information sent by Google. If Google do not send the information, we do not have it to pass on.

Configuring the Google AdWords Marketing Partner

1.  Click Integrated Partners from the left sidebar


2.  Enter the name of the Google AdWords Partner you would like to work with in the search box and click the logo.


Enter "Google AdWords" in the integrated partners field to receive the list of Google AdWords marketing partners. 

3.  Click on the required partner for Google AdWords to open their unique configuration window:



The Google AdWords Customer ID must be entered without hyphens.

4.  From your Google AdWords account, copy the Customer ID (without hypens) from the top left-hand corner and paste it to the AppsFlyer AdWords Customer ID parameter as shown in the screenshots below.

5.  Enter the number in the AdWords Customer ID field.


6.  In the In-App Events Postback section configure the in-app for sending postbacks.

7.  Click Save.

 Important Note

  • Disabling attribution for Google AdWords prevents sending postbacks to Google AdWords Partners.
  • You can configure multiple AdWords accounts (CID) to send postbacks (step 5) by separating each CID with a comma.
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