Bulletin: Chrome’s User-Agent Client Hints

What's new

User-Agent data is required for attribution via probabilistic modeling.

Chrome is releasing Client Hints meant to reduce User-Agent data. Starting February 1, 2023 all traffic initiated from Chrome 110-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera and more) on Android or desktop devices reduces user-agent header data.

Complete data is only available on request.

Effective date

February 1, 2023

Action required

  • For clicks reported via the user device, no action is required. AppsFlyer has already made necessary adaptations to comply with these changes and retrieves the complete data as required.
  • For clicks and impressions reported by the ad network via the user device, ad networks must use the Client Hints API to request the OS version and device model, and report them to AppsFlyer as parameters included in the attribution link. See ad network instructions

What this impacts

Attribution: No impact; attribution is unaffected as long as the actions required described above are taken. 

Dashboards: No impact

Raw data reports: Clicks and impressions reports via Data Locker display the user-agent as it's received, with either full or reduced data. This means if the user-agent was reduced, the OS version and device model only display as separate fields and can't be extracted from the user-agent field itself.