In-App Events Overview

AppsFlyer allows you to track any post-install event that you are interested in attributing to a media source and campaign.

You can track in-app events, such as:

  • Login
  • Add to cart
  • In-app purchases
  • Any other logical event you find relevant for your business.

You can also add a revenue value to each event and this is available to you on your AppsFlyer dashboard. You can map these in-app events to your media source's defined events and send this data back to them.

In general, there are a number of ways to track In-App Events:

Option 1: In-App Events Within the SDK 

You can add purchase events or custom in-app events at SDK level.

For details on how to create in-app events, see Android Rich In-App Events or iOS Rich In-App Events.

Option 2: Server-to-Server In-App Events

The purpose of this API is to allow you to send events which occur outside of the mobile app, directly to the AppsFlyer server. For example, if you have a user who is active on both web and mobile interfaces, you can record all events from both mediums and attach them to the same user in AppsFlyer. It can be either in-app events or other events, such as website events, call-center events or purchases in your brick and mortar store. 

See details and instructions in the following link:

Option 3: Track In-App Events from a Native Web View 

For more details, see: 

In addition, for iOS SDK events, you can use AppsFlyer's Receipt Validation feature (available from iOS SDK version, currently in Beta).  This feature allows you to validate each and every in-app-purchase with the App Store.

For more information, see:

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