Whitelisting a Test Device

AppsFlyer provides advertisers the option to whitelist devices for testing purposes. This allows you to test that installs are recorded.  The reason for whitelisting a device is due to the 90-day re-attribution policy.  

If a test device previously had an app installed on it, the install is not recorded when you uninstall and reinstall the app if the device has not been whitelisted.

Adding a Device to the Whitelist:

  • Login to your AppsFlyer dashboard

  • From the user's drop-down menu click Test Devices to open the Test Devices window

  • Click Add device 

  • Choose the device's operating system
  • Enter the Device Name and ID (For iOS: IDFA.  For Android: AID, Android ID, IMEI).  For more information on this, click here


Finding your IDFA

Install the app called The Identifiers.  After launching the app, you can find your device’s IDFA listed in the middle of the screen. 


Download the AppsFlyer Test App, here.

  • Click  to display your device’s whitelist parameters values - IMEI, Android ID and Google Advertising ID.

  • Click Send Values to send these values via email.

You can also use the method below:

 1. Finding your IMEI

Open your dialer and type *#06# using the keypad

2. Finding your Android ID

Open your dialer and type *#*#8255#*#* using the keypad

3. Google Advertising ID


  • Click Save only once you have completed these fields.

A green Added confirmation pop-up appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

As soon as the device is added - it appears in the devices list until you delete it:

After the device is added to the whitelist and you generate a click and launch a newly installed app on the test device, you can see a new click and non-organic install on your dashboard.


  • You can whitelist up to 40 devices per account.
  • iOS10 Beta is currently attributed to Apple Search Ads.
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