Registering test devices

At a glance: Using mobile devices multiple times for install attribution testing.

Registering devices for attribution testing

When performing attribution tests, the re-attribution window limits install attributions to one per 90-day window. So, if you repeatedly use the same device to test install attributions, nothing is recorded. Overcome this by registering test devices. 

Consider that,

  • Registered test devices are,
    • Not impacted by the re-attribution window.
    • Available to all apps housed in the account.
  • Ad networks need to ask an advertiser to add devices; agencies can add their own devices 
  • A maximum of 40 devices can be registered per account
  • Only the admin can delete devices 

Managing the registered-device list

Manage the list of registered devices by adding and deleting devices. There are two ways to add devices to the list.

Add a device using the AppsFlyer device ID app (admin only)

To download the AppsFlyer device ID app:

  1. Download and install the app using the QR code (Google Play store) or one of the provided links.



  2. On the Android/iOS/Windows screen, tap Register to register a device.



  3. Enter your AppsFlyer login credentials. The device is now registered. 
  4. Tap Share details to share Device ID information using the system share dialogue.

Add a device manually via the user interface

Team members can manually add a device identifier to the list of test devices. 

To add a device to the list:

  1. In AppsFlyer, click your email address dropdown.
  2. Select Test devices.
  3. Click Add device. 
  4. Complete as necessary:
    • OS: Select an operating system. 
    • Name (only use English letters): Enter an identifying name for the device.
    • Identifier: Provide a device identifier according to the operating system (OS):


      Get identifiers by using the AppsFlyer Device ID app or by dialing the codes into the device: 

      [Mandatory] GAID or OAID
      Use the AppsFlyer Device ID app.
      [Optional] IMEI
      [Optional] Android ID
      *#*#8255#*#* (may not work on newer devices)
  5. Click Save
    The device displays in the list of registered devices. 

Delete a registered device

AppsFlyerAdmin_us-en.pngThe account admin can delete test devices. 

To delete a device from the list:

  1. In AppsFlyer, click your email address drop-down.
  2. Select Test devices.
  3. Click the delete icon to remove devices. 
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