iOS - Generating a Non-Organic Install

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Follow the instructions below to generate a non-organic install.

Generating a Non-Organic Install

1. Use a device that does not have your app installed. If the app is already installed, uninstall it and contact us (* see below) to clear device history before proceeding.

2. Generate a test tracking link using Custom Tracking Link Configuration (instructions here).  You can set the Integrated Partner to Test.

You can also build the link manually:{App_ID}?pid=test


  • iOS:
  • Android:

Click your app tracking link using the device by sending the link to your device via e-mail. 

3. The link redirects to the App Store / Google Play. Install the app.

4. Check your app dashboard report. You can see one installation conversion under Test media-source.

Post Download Event (In-App Event): 

5. Send in-app event(s) from the device above.

6. Check the Partners Report. You can see the event name(s) and the aggregated USD sum under the campaign details you used above.


AppsFlyer counts unique installs. It means that AppsFlyer does not track more than one install on the same device to prevent fraud installs. 

If you want to clear a device's history to allow re-installation and re-attribution, click here.

Now you can check the integration again using this device.

  • Do you need to test the SDK integration before submitting to the App Store/Google Play? Check here: iOS | Android
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