Deferred deep linking & getting conversion data

AppsFlyer allows you to access the user attribution data in real-time directly at the SDK level. It enables you to customize the activity a user sees on the very first app open after a fresh app install. This is commonly referred to as “deferred” deep linking.

This is very common on the web, however there is a big challenge doing this in the mobile app ecosystem. Luckily, AppsFlyer provides support for all cases and platforms.


Deferred deep linking handles new installing users. To handle deep linking for your existing users, your app must support URI schemes, App Links (Android) or Universal Links (iOS).
See Deep Linking Setup to learn more.

Sending a new app user to a deep link on install is very similar to using app deep linking custom URL Scheme (iOS, Android) for users that have already installed your app.


Consider a user who has just clicked on a HotelTonight’s Google AdWords ad for a "Hotels New York" search. The user is first sent to Google Play/App-Store to download the app and upon first app open the user lands directly on the Hotels in New York page. By accessing the attribution data provided by AppsFlyer, the application will receive the exact campaign and keywords used to drive that user/install.

Besides the enhanced experience and improved conversion, this functionally enables sophisticated context based campaigns such as providing the user with a credit/bonus for installing and using the app. For example: Instead of Click to install campaigns to Install and get $50 credit for booking. These campaigns not only improve the click to install conversion, but also improve the conversion to paying users. These campaigns can improve overall ROI by 2X-5X!

AppsFlyer's SDK is responsible for enabling access to the attribution data from within the app. On first app launch, accessing the attribution data from AppsFlyer's SDK might take a few seconds. On following sessions the access is immediate, as the attribution data is stored on the device.


  • According to Facebook's privacy policy, AppsFlyer (or any other 3rd party mobile measurement partner) cannot provide user-level attribution for Facebook installs unless you accept Facebook's Terms of Service. More info here.
    If you choose not to accept the Terms of Service, Facebook Mobile Ads installs are categorized as ‘Organic’ and you are unable to receive the user level data for Facebook installs.
    Accessing the attribution data to implement deferred deep linking is applicable for the user's first launch after the install. To implement deep linking for users who already have the app installed, see here.
  • Conversion data is not the ideal data API for storing users raw data in your backend.
    Click here for information about selecting the best data APIs for you.
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