AppsFlyer Rich In-App Events - iOS

AppsFlyer’s rich in-app events provide advertisers with the ability to track any post-install event and attribute it to a media source and campaign.

An in-app event is comprised of an event name and event parameters (see below lists of recommended event and parameter names)


‐ (void) trackEvent:(NSString *)eventName withValues:(NSDictionary*)values 

eventName is any string to define the event name.

values is a dictionary of event parameters that comprise a rich event.

Example 1:

AFEventParamRevenue of a single item with a revenue of 200 USD, content_id “1234567” and of type  “category_a”:

[[AppsFlyerTracker sharedTracker] trackEvent:AFEventPurchase withValues: @{
    AFEventParamContentType : @"category_a",
   AFEventParamRevenue: @200,

Example 2:  Complex In-App Event

The following is an example of a complex In-App Event that can be sent.


In-App Event Types

The following in­-app event types are defined and recommended: 

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