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android.pngSDK Version: 4.10.3 (Release Notes)

1. Overview

AppsFlyer Android SDK provides app installation and event recording functionality as part of AppsFlyer's complete attribution solution. The SDK is market-proven, secure, lightweight, and simple to embed.

With the embedded SDK you can record installs, sessions and additional in-app events (e.g. in-app purchases, game levels, etc.) to evaluate user engagement levels and even ROI!

1.1 SDK integration - what you need to do

Tab Purpose After completing

SDK integration (Mandatory)

Adding and configuring the SDK
  • A new organic install in your app's dashboard.
  • A new non-organic install in your app's dashboard.

Core APIs (Highly Recommended)

Measure in-app events, revenue, perform deep linking, and gather conversion data
  • In-app events and revenue appear on your dashboard.
  • You are able to perform deep linking.

Additional APIs

Implementation and usage of optional APIs

We recommend checking this list, as some optional APIs may be vital for your business plan, e.g. uninstall measurement or referrals attribution.

  • You are able to measure uninstalls, referrals, and user engagement with push notifications.

API reference

Quick reference of the SDK APIs for developers


1.2 SDK compatibility with Android platforms

  • Android OS version 2.3 and above
  • Non-mobile Android-based platforms such as Smart TVs, including Amazon's Fire TV
  • Out-of store markets for Android apps, e.g. Amazon, Baidu
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  • Hi everyone!

    We completely restructured our Android SDK guide to make it easier and clearer.

    Among other improvements, it now contains complete API reference of all SDK methods.


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  • Hi everyone!

    We want to update you that a new AppsFlyer Android SDK has been released - version 4.10.3.

    The new version includes bugs fixes and improvements.

    We recommend that you update your app to use version 4.10.3.

    Thank you!

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