Testing Android SDK Integration for Version 4.3.9 and Below


For testing SDK versions higher than 4.3.9, see this guide on Testing SDK Integration.

For the new Test App, please refer to this article for versions 4.4.0 and later.

Non-Organic Install Test Before Submitting to Google Play:

Step 1: Broadcast Referrer Test:

  1. Install the updated app with AppsFlyer SDK on an Android device.
  2. Install AppsFlyer's Android SDK Integration Test App. This app simulates a referrer broadcast to your app.
  3. Launch AppsFlyer's test app, complete the package name (e.g. com.rovio.angrybirds) of your app.
  4. Click Broadcast & Launch.

5. Launch your app.
6. Check the AppsFlyer Dashboard for installation conversion under AppsFlyer_Test media source.
7. Shoot in-app events from your app.
8. Check AppsFlyer's Partners Report for in-app activity coming from AppsFlyer_Test source.

Step 2: ID Matching Test (SDK Code Verification)

  1. Use an Android device that does not have your app installed. If the app is already installed,uninstall the application first and clean the device ID from our system by whitelisting the device by following the steps here: Whitelist a Device
  2. Generate a test attribution link using Custom Attribution Link Configuration, for instructions on how to set this up, click here.
    After creating the attribution link, add &advertising_id={Your_google_advertising_id} to the attribution link.

To find your Google Advertising ID on your device, go to Google settings >> ads >> Your advertising ID.

For example:


  1. If your application does not support Advertising ID, use &android_id= in the attribution link. To find your Android ID, click here.
  2. Send the attribution link to your device via e-mail and open it using the phone's browser.
  3. Once redirected to Google Play, DO NOT install the application from the store. Instead, install the updated application version using the APK (send the APK to your device via e-mail, if required)
  4. Check your AppsFlyer dashboard. You can see one installation conversion under test media source.

Post Download Event (In-App Event):

1. Trigger in-app event(s) from the device used above.

2. Check your AppsFlyer dashboard. You can see the event name(s) under the Aggregated Performance Report.

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