Adobe AIR extension plugin


This project provides support for Adobe Air Extension. please follow the steps for both IOS and Android.

What's new in this version

  • Updated Native SDKs
  • Added In-App Purchase Receipt Validation

Installation (common for both iOS and Android)

Download the appsflyer.ane file from the ANE folder or via Github.

Add the ANE to your project and make sure the ide is marked to package it.

If the following was not added automatically please add it to the APP_NAME-app.xml:



On AppsFlyer's dashboard you will need to add "air." prefix to the package name as this is added automatically by Air. For the above exmaple the app id on AppsFlyer's dashboard should be ""

Import the AppsFlyer extension into your project

import AppsFlyerInterface;

Construct the AppsFlyer

private static var appsFlyer:AppsFlyerInterface;
appsFlyer = new AppsFlyerInterface();

Set the developer key by calling the function

Android iOS
appsFlyer.appsFlyer.init("DevKey", null);

Add a call for attributing whenever the app is launched


Add a call for recording in-app events when desired

var param:String = "Deposit";
var value:String = '{"amount":10, "FTDLevel":"-"}';
appsFlyer.trackEvent(param, value);     

Get conversion data (attribution info)

appsFlyer.getConversionData(); // calls async function to get the conversion data
afInterface.addEventListener(AppsFlyerEvent.SUCCESS,function(e){var}); // holds the string with the conversion data.

Setting your app's user (optional)

appsFlyer.setAppUserId("user_id_as_used_in_the_app"); //(Optional) set your app's user id

Getting AppsFlyer's user ID

appsFlyerID = afInterface.getAppsFlyerUID();

Android Notes

Follow the instructions about permissions and receiver as described in the Android SDK Integration Guide.


The package name of the receiver is: com.appsflyer.MultipleInstallBroadcastReceiver.

It is highly recommended to add Google Play services into your app so we can record Google Advertising ID. See:

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