Google Ads (AdWords) Campaign - iOS Configuration

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AppsFlyer supports all app campaigns enabled by Google Ads.

Google is an SRN (Self Reporting Network). For more information about how the attribution flow works for these networks, click here.

AppsFlyer can present any campaign information that is provided by Google. The campaign type (Search, Video, Display and Re-engagement) and associated information is determined by Google. It is recommended to configure UAC campaigns. For guidance on other campaign types, you should contact your Google representative. For details of these campaigns, click here.



If you are running iOS Mobile Web, Main Search and/or Partners Search (affiliates) campaigns, the installs are tracked by the AppsFlyer Dashboard but do not count in the Google Ads Dashboard conversion. This might lead to a discrepancy in the conversions between AppsFlyer dashboard and Google Ads dashboard.

Google Ads - iOS Configuration - Universal App Campaigns

Universal app campaigns allow you to promote your iOS app across Google Search, YouTube and Display in a single place of configuration. 

Generally, Google itself can't track iOS installs from search campaigns as the clicks come from mobile web sources, preventing Google from pulling the IDFA from the devices, and from performing ID matching.

In contrast, iOS search on Universal App Campaigns (UAC) can be tracked by Google, for ads that are served on the Google Search App. 

AppsFlyer can track installs for all types of iOS app install campaigns on Ads, even if Google doesn't, through our integration with Google Ads or through our NativeTrack™ 2.0 tracking method. 

Creating Conversion Tracking (Installs)

For details of how to create conversion tracking, click here.

Google Ads - iOS Configuration - Sending In-App Events

If you want to further measure the success of your Mobile App Install campaigns in Google, you can send in-app events to your Google Ads account from your AppsFlyer account.  

Creating a Conversion (In-App Events)

For details of how to track your app conversions, click here

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