Discrepancies with Google AdWords Mobile Ads Dashboard


Sometimes there are discrepancies between the Google AdWords dashboard and the AppsFlyer dashboard.

While we work closely with Google to minimize these discrepancies, advertisers should be aware of the following reasons:

Both iOS and Android

Cause Google AdWords AppsFlyer

Multi-Channel Source Attribution

Google AdWords does not hold this data.

AppsFlyer uses last click attribution (more information about AppsFlyer attribution available here).

Install Record Time

Google AdWords attributes the conversion to the Click time.

AppsFlyer attributes the conversion to the launch time (app open).

Reports Time

Google AdWords’ dashboard might have up to 72 hours delay

AppsFlyer’s reports are in real time.

Time Zones



Attribution Window

30 Days

From Google integration its set for 30 Days default (can be modified)


Google AdWords has no re-attribution window.

AppsFlyer's default re-attribution window is 90 days but can modified by the advertiser.      


Google AdWords dashboard shows all clicks from all channels

AppsFlyer does not show clicks in places a tracking link is not used.

In-App Events

Google AdWords attributes the in-app event to the Click time.

In the AppsFlyer dashboard in-app events are attributed according to the install time.  In Raw Data Reports, AppsFlyer attributes in-app events according to the time of the event.


Cause Google AdWords AppsFlyer

Mobile Web, Search and/or Partners Search (affiliates) campaigns

Google AdWords’ dashboard can receive install postbacks only for In-App advertising (that can collect device ID), hence if you are running Mobile Web, Search and/or Partners Search (affiliates) campaigns, those installs are not visible in the AdWords dashboard conversion.

AppsFlyer tracks all installs coming from In-App advertising, Mobile Web, Search and/or Partners Search (affiliates) campaigns.


Google AdWords only sees downloads from YouTube and admob.

AppsFlyer tracks all installs from all channels.


  • While Google AdWords shows all installs of a retargeting campaign in the same place, on the AppsFlyer dashboard, installs are divided between the Overview page (new installs) and the Retargeting page (re-attribution and re-engagements).
  • As a result of AppsFlyer's Validation Rules, results may differ in the dashboards as some installs are shown in Google AdWords and are not shown in the AppsFlyer dashboard.
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