Google AdWords Remarketing - Old API

It is possible to send in-app event data to Google AdWords for the purpose of remarketing campaigns, directly from your AppsFlyer dashboard.

With app remarketing you can segment users based on past actions in order to tailor more relevant messages.

For example, you can show a particular ad to users who have previously made a purchase in your app.

To start sending in-app event data to Google AdWords, perform the following steps:

1. From the AppsFlyer dashboard, select Integrated Partners 

2. Select Google AdWords Remarketing

In the Integrated Partners page, select Google AdWords Remarketing as the Integrated Partner.

You can do this by either scrolling down the page to Google AdWords Remarketing or entering Google AdWords Remarketing in the search box. 

Note - Currently the Google AdWords Remarketing integrated partner is only available to users of the old Google API.

3. Click on the In App Events tab

4. In App Events Configuration

  • Select All in-app events so that Google AdWords receives all in-app events, both attributed and not attributed
  • Add your conversion_id from your corresponding AdWords account*
  • In the In-App Events Mappings section select the events for which you would like to send data to Google by selecting the SDK event and a corresponding Google Adwords Remarketing action_name.
  • If you cannot find a suitable action_name, simply use the custom_event option. This will automatically populate the SDK Event name as the action_name.
  • The integration between AppsFlyer and Google Adwords Remarketing has pre-configured the mapping of the rich in-app events on AppsFlyer to the corresponding parameters on Google Adwords Remarketing.
    For more information and to see the entire mapping see the below links:
  • Make sure to check Send Value as this enables AppsFlyer to send remarketing pings with rich in app event values to Google Adwords.

* The conversion_id is associated with your Google Remarketing account.

As soon as your remarketing tagging is successfully set up, define your lists in AdWords and run your campaigns.

For more information on Mobile Apps Conversion Tracking and Remarketing by Google click here.

NOTE: Google remarketing campaigns are only available for the following types of display network campaigns: mobile app installs, mobile app engagement, and ads in mobile apps.

They are not available for other campaign types, such as search campaigns or campaigns displayed on websites within the Mobile Google Display Network.

IMPORTANT: AdWords Remarketing is not used for attribution, but only as an end-point to send In-App Events.

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