TV Install Ads Attribution with AppsFlyer

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AppsFlyer supports TV install ads attribution.

Advertisers running install ads on TV can define the exact timeframe (in minutes) they want organic installs from a specific GEO or City (optional) to be attributed to a TV ad. These attributed installs are shown on the AppsFlyer dashboard and also have post install analytics calculated for them, such as retention, LTV analytics and Cohort reports.

The advertiser is able to define the Media Source, Campaign, Channel and and TV Show to receive the relevant data in the reports.



Media Source: "TV"

Campaign: "My TV Campaign"

af_siteid: "ESPN"

af_sub1: "SportsCenter HD"


City: "Detroit"


Setting Up a TV Campaign

To set up a TV campaign on AppsFlyer please contact your account manager.

AppsFlyer also supports bulk upload of media plans using the format attached below. See the example file and City naming conventions for more details.


It is recommended not to configure the same time slot for two separate campaigns.


The newest addition to this category is using Shazam. An ad on TV (or radio) can be Shazamed with the app, and the user who Shazams it is redirected to the market as if clicking on a specific URL. This URL may contain parameters to identify the specific ad, which can be reached via the conversion data.
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