[Deprecated] TV attribution measurement partners integration

At a glance: Integrate TV attribution measurement partners with AppsFlyer to understand the impact of your TV advertising.


Support for TV attribution will be discontinued on March 1, 2023.


AppsFlyer supports integration with a range of TV Attribution measurement partners. The TV attribution measurement partners do their magic by notifying AppsFlyer when a certain TV advertisement starts.

Installs are attributed to your integration partners when all the parameters below are met:

  1. Integration is enabled
  2. Occurs during the pre-defined attribution window
  3. The install is organic
  4. Country code of the install matches the code in the partner notification

What parameters do TV attribution measurement partners share with AppsFlyer?

When a TV ad is broadcasted, the Partner sends AppsFlyer the following set of parameters in the JSON format. (This may vary slightly from partner to partner):

  "campaign_name":"Angry Birds iOS TV campaign",
  "city":"New York",
  "tv_show_name":"Sports Center",

The parameters reported by the partner appear on the dashboard as in non-TV online campaigns. The parameters are mapped as follows:

  • tv_channel_name (i.e. "ESPN") populates the af_siteid 
  • tv_show_name (i.e. "Sports Center") populates the af_sub1

How is the integration with the TV attribution measurement partner configured?


As shown in the above screenshot, the integration has only two parameters that must be defined:

  1. Select Enable Integration: This should be toggled on to begin receiving the data about Ad broadcast times

  2. Select Window Size: The number of attribution minutes to use for TV ad campaigns recognized by the partner between 1-180 minutes.

  3. If relevant, enter the Customer ID.


Simultaneous broadcasts of the same app, with multiple partner integrations enabled, can be attributed to any of the partners.

For more information about generic attribution of TV campaigns that can be also configured manually, see here.