Retargeting Macros

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Set out below are the requirements needed to run retargeting with AppsFlyer:

SDK Level

The advertiser must meet minimum requirements, detailed here.

Tracking Link Level

Ensure the following macros are added on the tracking link:

is_retargeting=true allows re-attribution/re-engagement

af_reengagement_window=30 re-engagement attribution window - range of 1-90 days or lifetime

Android iOS
advertising_id={Google_Advertising_id} - user unique ID. 

af_dp=SCHEME%3A%2F%2FACTIVITY - for a better user engagement experience.

On Android, due to limitations on Chrome, there are two possible macros you can use.  It is up to you to decide which one you would want to use.

af_chrome_lp=true - this sends the user to an LP that allows you to select whether to download the app or open it. This supports both re-attribution and re-engagement. Relevant only for Chrome. Other browsers work properly.



AppsFlyer's OneLink URL can be used instead of the examples given.  For details of AppsFlyer's OneLink Set-up, click here.

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