Integrated partners setup guide

At a glance: Connect AppsFlyer to your integrated partners enabling attribution recording and postbacks.  


Partner types in the ecosystem

Type  Description
Agencies Use their expertise to get high-quality users from other ad networks
Marketing partners Similar to agencies, marketing partners excel in working with specific ad networks and include Facebook marketing partners, Apple Search Ads marketing partners and Twitter official ads partners
Retargeting networks Ad networks specializing in running retargeting campaigns 
Third-party platforms Integrated platforms, used for BI-related purposes, including analytics or marketing automation platforms
TV attribution  Partners enabling more accurate attribution of new installs to aired TV ads
Fraud detection  External third-party anti-fraud systems not part of the AppsFlyer Protect360 anti-fraud solution

First step

When you first begin to work with an integrated partner, set-up an account with the partner, then configure the partner in AppsFlyer. Doing so enables you to attribute ad network installs and to record post-install events.

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