Setting up an integrated partner

At a glance: Enable attribution recording and postback sending to partners by connecting AppsFlyer to your integrated partners.

Setting up a non-SRN integrated partner

AppsFlyer integrates with your partners by API. This article contains the generic instructions to enable partner integrations and to generate attribution links of non-SRN partners.

  • This guide is not applicable to SRNs. Use the links that follow to access SRN articles.
  • Some partners (including non-SRNs) have dedicated articles. To search for these articles:
    • In the breadcrumbs, in the header of this article, click Campaign management, to see the list of articles per partner.
    • In AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > Integrated partners. Search for a partner, then click Learn how to integrate this partner
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Google Marketing Platform  Apple Search Ads Google Ads Snapchat Facebook Tencent Social Ads Yahoo! Search Ads Verizon Media Twitter
SRN dedicated articles

What you need to to to begin working with a partner: 

  1. Set up an account with the partner.
  2. Configure the partner in AppsFlyer according to this guide.
  3. Begin to attribute ad network installs and record post-install events.

Partner types in the ecosystem


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Partner type  Description
Ad networks

Run campaigns on your behalf.

Agencies Use their expertise to get high-quality users by running campaigns on your behalf. You can have a transparent or non-transparent relationship. 
Marketing partners Marketing partners specialize in working with specific ad networks. Examples: Facebook marketing partners, Apple Search Ads marketing partners, Twitter official ads partners.
Retargeting networks Ad networks specializing in running retargeting campaigns 
Third-party platforms Provide BI-related services like analytics and marketing automation platforms.
TV attribution  Partners enabling more accurate attribution of new installs to aired TV ads.
Fraud detection  External third-party anti-fraud systems not part of the AppsFlyer Protect360 anti-fraud solution.
Integrated partner types
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