Custom Tracking Link Configuration (e.g. Email or User Invites)

You can use partners with whom we are already integrated or other custom tracking links such as QR Codes, e-mail, SMS, social, cross promotion, landing page, user invites etc. 

Example: Setting E-mail as the Media Source:

1. Click Integrated Partners:

2. Click Custom Tracking Link:

The following window opens:


For Custom Tracking Link: Either add the name of the media source or click one of the tabs (in this case “Email”). The media source value is represented in the tracking link under the ‘pid’ parameter. 

NOTE: To properly differentiate between your custom tracking link and AppsFlyer integrated partners tracking link, do not use "Facebook", "Facebook Ads", "Google", "Twitter" or "Organic" as your custom media source name (case insensitive).  If these names are duplicated it can effect AppsFlyer's dashboard and reports.

Campaign (optional): Add the name of the campaign to differentiate between the different creatives you are running with that specific media source. In this example, we want to use several newsletters such as the "jan2017-newsletter" campaign name, which is the ‘c’ parameter in the tracking link.

Generate Tracking Link: Copy the link and use it in your newsletter e-mail.


See more information about AppsFlyer's Tracking Link Structure and Parameters.


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