How to Configure a Campaign with Adfonic

Integrated Partners: You can use the media source partners with whom we are already integrated or custom sources such as QR codes, e-mail, SMS, social, cross promotion, landing page, user invites, etc. (see: Custom Tracking Link Configuration). This functionality provides easy access to the world’s largest ad-networks, exchanges, affiliate networks, DSPs, ad agencies, and discovery platforms. To see a full list of integrated partners, click here.

To create a tracking link with one of AppsFlyer's Integrated Partners, simply login to your account:

  1. Select Integrated Partners

Click on Integrated Partners. This option open dozens of integrated media source partners. Choose Adfonic

  1. Set integration parameters:

    Insert your Adfonic AdvertiserID , open the Bid & Tracking tab in your Adfonic account. the AdvertiserID is displayed as soon as the Goal Conversion tracking is toggled.  

  2. Set Goal Conversion tracking:

    Select the Goal conversion tracking option in your Adfonic account 
  3. Generate tracking links:

    Campaign or ad name (optional) - this provides you with the ability to run different campaigns/creatives with a specific media source (this is the ‘c’ parameter in the tracking link). The campaign name is extracted dynamically from your Adfonic campaign once it is live. If you do not wish to use this value simply replace it with any other value you would like to use  (e.g. Banner 1).  You can apply as many campaign names as you like. The link generator produces a link based on your campaign or ad name.

NOTE:  There is no need to create or generate links in order to use them. You can create links manually and use them, and the click data is automatically added to the dashboard.

If you plan to run multiple campaigns/ads, generate additional links by simply changing the ‘c’ in the tracking link manually. Afterwards, send the link(s) to the desired media source(s).

Example: Setting Millennial Media as a Media Source:

1. Click Integrated Partners on the left of the screen.  

The Integrated Partners window opens.

2. Either scroll down to the name of the required media source or enter the name in the filter.

3. Click on the Adfonic logo to open the Adfonic Configuration window.


Set integration parameters:

As mentioned, Adfonic integration requires your AdvertiserID.  All you need to do is insert this parameter and click Save.

The Adfonic Advertiser ID can be found by going to your campaign and opening the Bid & Tracking tab.  Select Goal Conversion tracking option (leave this option toggled).

Set Goal Conversion tracking:


Generate Tracking Links

Campaign (optional) - The campaign name is extracted dynamically from your Adfonic campaign once it is live.

If you do not wish to use this value simply replace it with any other value you like to use  (e.g. Banner 1).

You can add as many campaign names as you like. Afterwards, copy the link(s) and send them to the relevant media source. 

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