Posting In-App Events to Facebook

Before starting this process, make sure the Facebook App ID is configured on the AppsFlyer dashboard. If you have already performed this, you can jump to step 2 below.

Configuring the Facebook App ID

To use Facebook mobile app ads, you must create a Facebook application. This does not mean you have to implement Facebook Login or integrate your app with Facebook; you only need an app on Facebook to get an app ID. If you do not already have one, you can create this by visiting the App Dashboard and clicking Create New App under Apps.

You are asked to provide a name for your app and a unique namespace.

Once you have the Facebook App ID simply go to Integrated Partners configuration select Facebook and paste the Facebook App ID in the appropriate place:


Click on the In-App Events Tab

Select the option for what you want to do with sending in-app events to Facebook.

1. Off (to stop sending In-App events to Facebook).

2. Send All In-App Events (organic and non organic) to Facebook (For sending all In-App events to Facebook regardless of which media source generated them).


3.  Once you have finished your configuration settings, click Save & Close.

Configuring In-App Event Mapping

Using the dropdown, select the event you would like to post to Facebook and then choose the event as predefined by Facebook or Custom event. You can select Send Value if you want to send the Facebook-supported event values as well.

For Example:


Custom In-App Event Mapping

AppsFlyer allows you to map any custom in-app event to send to Facebook, by using the CUSTOM Facebook Event Tag option.  

The event name and the event value (including the event parameters) configured in the SDK are forwarded to Facebook, as is.  An exception is the af_revenue parameter which is converted to the valueToSum parameter in Facebook.  This allows you to put a revenue per event that can be monitored in the Facebook account. 


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