Available Parameters on AppsFlyer's Tracking Links


The following Parameters are available to use within the generated link:

For the updated tracking link structure and parameters, see here 


 Parameter Name



Media source name - provided by AppsFlyer and should not be changed


Campaign name


The Ad Network unique click identifier


Relates to the Agency


Ad network publisher ID


Custom parameter 1


Custom parameter 2


Custom parameter 3


Custom parameter 4


Custom parameter 5

New Parameters:

The new set of parameters adds a number of additional parameters in a clear, standardised and structured manner. We strongly recommend using these parameters before reverting to the af_sub1-5 parameters.

 Parameter Name



Campaign ID - provided by the advertiser


Adset name - provided by the advertiser. Adset is an intermediate level in the hierarchy between Campaign and Ad.


Adset ID


Ad name




Ad type - use anything that "describes" the ad format (examples: video or banner, medium size or big size etc)


The channel through which the ads are distributed (example: YouTube vs Google Search)


Keywords list for text-targeted campaigns


Cost model - any cost model can be sent via the tracking link and consequently appear in the raw data reports. However, currently, only CPI (Cost Per Install) is supported for correct aggregation of cost.


Currency code (example: USD)


Cost value (numeric decimal)

 Android Specific Parameters:

 Parameter Name



Device Android_id - Requires ad network support


Device Android_id hashed with SHA1 - Requires ad network support


Google Advertising ID - Requires ad network support


Google Advertising ID hashed with SHA1 - Requires ad network support


For out of store only - Target redirect URL


Used for desktop to mobile tracking - email hashed with SHA1, requires  ad network support

iOS Specific Parameters:

 Parameter Name



Apple Advertiser ID - should be provided using upper case format, requires ad network support


Apple Advertiser ID hashed with SHA1 - Requires ad network support


Device mac address - Requires ad network support


Device mac address hashed with SHA1 - Requires ad network support

To view the detailed guide of AppsFlyer's tracking link structure, click here.

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