Twitter configuration with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Integrate your Twitter Ads account with AppsFlyer to display attribution data of Twitter campaigns.

Mobile app promotion on Twitter

Twitter Mobile App Promotion is a method to promote apps on Twitter. It enables advertisers to promote their mobile apps with great App card design driving installs, app engagement, and deep linking. App users can easily install and engage with apps directly from the Twitter timeline.

Twitter user privacy

Starting November 20, 2019, Twitter users can control how they share information with advertisers:

  • If user settings are set to prevent sharing of their engagement information with advertisers, their Twitter-driven installs and in-app events are omitted from raw data but are still attributed to Twitter.
  • Aggregate attribution data reflect correctly in AppsFlyer and is not impacted by the Twitter policy.
  • As a result, Twitter aggregate and raw data reports don't correlate.
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