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Mobile App Promotion on Twitter

Twitter's Mobile App Promotion is a great way to represent mobile applications on Twitter and to drive installs. It enables Twitter advertisers to effectively promote their mobile apps with a great App card design driving installs, app engagement and deep linking. For marketers, this means a rich, native ad unit combining the best of Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets. Users can easily install and engage with apps directly from the Twitter timeline. 

Setting up Twitter Tracking on AppsFlyer

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Sending in-app events to Twitter

You can optionally map your in-app events to your Twitter events.
The mapping is for all of the twitter accounts that were selected in the previous step.

Instructions for in-app events mapping

To map a new in-app event, click "+ Click to add in app event mapping" area.


Select an in-app event from the SDK Event column and select which Twitter Event Tag you want to map it with.


  • To update one of the existing mapped fields, make the changes in the drop down lists and then Save & Close.
  • To delete an in-app event, click trash_can.png and then Save & Close


To send rich in-app events which include multiple event parameters to Twitter, follow the Rich in-app events for Android and iOS article.

Configuring Ad Revenue Attribution

To configure the ad revenue attribution for Twitter, follow these steps:

1. Click the Ad Revenue tab on the integrated partner configuration page and enable the Ad Revenue check box.

2. Configure the parameters in the supported integrated partners configuration page:

  • API credentials - use the following link to retrieve the API Key and Inventory Report ID and APP ID from Twitter
  • For details of each configuration credential per integrated partner, see here.
  • Event Source – The event representing your ad revenue model in the best possible way. For example, if your revenue is based on impressions, it is recommended sending AppsFlyer an ad viewed event. 
    The best event can be configured for each monetization platform separately. 
    However, it is also possible to use the af_app_opened event. In this case, ad revenue is attributed for every app open performed by the user.
  • Ad Revenue Event - a read-only field that presents the new ad revenue event called [source event]_monetized (e.g. af_app_opened_monetized as displayed above). The ad revenue event is presented in the dashboard as an additional event.

3. Click Save & Close.


Who can perform the Twitter setup on AppsFlyer?

The user who is authorizing the integration between AppsFlyer and Twitter must have Twitter Account Administrator access.

What happens if no Twitter accounts are selected for tracking on AppsFlyer?

All attributions are for campaigns on the selected account. If no accounts are selected, no in-app events or attributions are sent to Twitter, even if the in-app event mapping is still visible on the Twitter Configuration window.

Does the account owner and the team members see the same Twitter data?

No. The account owner sees all of the selected Twitter accounts. Sub-users only see Twitter accounts selected by them.

Is it possible to track multiple Twitter accounts?

Sure! For instructions on how to associate multiple Twitter accounts, click here.

Any special instructions for agencies?

Yes. When an agency creates a new Twitter campaign, the campaign name must start with the agency name and an underscore (Example: "AgencyName_Campaign1")

I'm clicking Save & Close but Twitter's configuration does not get saved! Help!

If your app was subscribed to another attribution provider in the past, which was used to track Twitter installs, then you will get the following error below when configuring Twitter on AppsFlyer's dashboard:

If the account selection does not save, this may be because the Twitter account in question used to be associated with a different provider at Twitter's end. To resolve this:

    • Contact Twitter to remove the other provider from your end

    • Select the Active Account name 
    • Click Save and Close.
    • If this still doesn't solve the problem you will have to contact your previous measurement provider and ask to remove the past Twitter tags associated with your account.

Why does the Twitter Campaign Name not appear in the Raw data?

By default Twitter does not provide campaign names on user level raw data. However, a permission to see campaign names on user level can be given if the advertiser has written approval from Twitter.
The Advertiser needs to ask Twitter's representative to send an approval email with the app package name and the advertiser's name to AppsFlyer (to the support team). Afterwards AppsFlyer is allowed to enable the Twitter user level data display.

How can I set up retargeting campaigns with Twitter?

For details of how to configure a Twitter Retargeting Campaign, click here.

Does retargeting affect in-app events sending to Twitter?

Yes. If retargeting is turned on, AppsFlyer doesn't send the af_app_opened event postbacks to Twitter, as per Twitter's request.
Note that even if the Twitter setup window allows this selection, the af_app_opened postbacks are not sent with retargeting.

How can I quit tracking Twitter?

To deactivate the integration with twitter, uncheck all accounts and click Save & Close.

Can an Agency Configure In-App Events for Twitter?

Agencies cannot configure in-app events for Twitter.  Similar to Facebook, these must configured by the Advertiser.

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