Discrepancies with Facebook Mobile Ads Dashboard

Sometimes discrepancies occur between the Facebook dashboard and the AppsFlyer dashboard.

While we work closely with Facebook to minimize these discrepancies, advertisers should be aware of the following reasons for them: 




Click Attribution Lookback Window

28 days 

7 days by default, but can be configured to be 1-30 days

View-Through Attribution Lookback Window

1 day

1 day by default, but can be configured to be 1-48 hours (keep this default value)

Install Record Date

Facebook records new installs on the Click/View Time.

AppsFlyer records new installs on installation time (the very first launch of the app)

Multi-Channel Source

Facebook attribution works as specified above regardless of other sources. 

AppsFlyer uses last click attribution (more information about AppsFlyer attribution available here)

Cross-device Attribution

Facebook attributes its users that click and install on different devices, e.g. iOS/Android/desktop

AppsFlyer attributes single devices, which perform both the engagement and the install

Tip: AppsFlyer supports both Click-Through and View-Through attribution. To minimize discrepancies between the Facebook and AppsFlyer platforms, ensure both the Click-Through and View-Through Lookback windows are the same.

To view the different attribution windows on Facebook (compare the click-through attributed installs on Facebook with those on AppsFlyer), visit Facebook and configure the attribution window as shown in the following screenshot:

Installs from Re-Engagement Campaigns in My UA Dashboard?

A re-engagement campaign can cause users to open an already installed (re-engagement) app or to install the app. When AppsFlyer recognizes a previous install of the app on the same device, AppsFlyer refers to this conversion as re-attribution. When considering this install as the first install of the app on this device, the install appears as a new install and is counted in the user acquisition dashboard and not the re-targeting dashboard.

NOTE:  While Facebook shows all installs of a re-targeting campaign in the same place, on the AppsFlyer dashboard, installs are divided between the Overview page (new installs) and the Re-Targeting page (re-attribution and re-engagements).


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