AppsFlyer Agency / FMP Account

This Document is intended for agencies.

AppsFlyer Agency account enables you to track installs, In-App events,  In-App purchases, and measure ROI in real time directly from your own AppsFlyer dashboard.

The Agency account dashboard allows full viewing capabilities in a similar way to the Advertiser's dashboard.  Advertisers can view the agency activity as one complete media source without a full breakdown of the source activity of the Agency and the Agency can view all media sources for each individual app that they are linked and running with.  

Opening an Agency account:

In order to set a new agency account, please contact your AppsFlyer account manager, or submit a request here.

“Linking” an application to your Agency account:

In order for AppsFlyer to associate the Advertiser application with your Agency account, AppsFlyer requires the advertiser’s approval (email approval is sufficient).  Once approved please request your contact at AppsFlyer to link the application to your agency account. 

Generating Tracking Links Using your Agency Account:

There are two options for creating tracking links:

1. Custom tracking links - For media sources which do not require postback.

2. Integrated partners tracking links 

Custom Tracking Links:

Generating a custom tracking link is usually used for media source which does not require any postback - e.g. email campaigns, QR codes,blogs etc.

More info about generating custom tracking links can be found here

Integrated Partners Tracking Links:

AppsFlyer has integrated with the largest Ad networks out there, reaching more than 2000 Ad-networks. these integration enable Advertisers & agencies to easily post installs to the selected Ad-network without any technical setup.

More info about generating integrated partner tracking links can be found here

Tracking Link Structure:{application_ID}?af_prt={your_agency_accountID}&pid=Adnetwork_id 


1. Your agency account ID (af_prt) differentiates your tracking link from the advertiser tracking links, removing this parameter and its value will cause AppsFlyer to allocate all tracked installs to the Advertiser account.

2. Only data which was generated via the Agency tracking link will be visible under the Agency account. 

Running Facebook and Twitter Traffic Using an Agency Account:

AppsFlyer provides agencies with the ability to run Facebook and Twitter campaigns on behalf of the advertiser.

To use this feature, you must receive advertiser approval prior to going live.  Contact your Customer Success Manager or AppsFlyer Support to be granted access to the Admin account with the advertiser's approval.  In addition, for Facebook, you must ensure the advertiser has entered the appID in the media source configuration.

For more information about configuring the AppID for Facebook campaigns, click here

NOTE: All Facebook and Twitter campaigns must start with the Agency account name (as defined in the AppsFlyer platform ) followed by "_" 




*Campaign which does not start as mentioned is not be visible at the agency account.

The agency name is CASE SENSITIVE.


Traffic statistics can be viewed and downloaded directly from your AppsFlyer dashboard

There are two types of reports:  

  1. Aggregated reports
  2. Raw data reports

NOTE:  Agencies do not have access to raw reports for Facebook traffic.  In addition, agencies cannot configure In-App events from the agency account.


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