FMP Integration

Setting Up a Facebook Campaign

For AppsFlyer to attribute the event to the rightful FMP, the Facebook campaign name must begin with the FMP name followed by ‘_’.


The name convention must be defined during the postback integration process with AppsFlyer. 

Install Postbacks

Upon conversion, AppsFlyer can return the following parameters:

Parameter Name Parameter Name Convention

Facebook Campaign Name


Facebook Campaign ID


Facebook Ad Set Name


Facebook Ad Set ID


Facebook Ad Group Name


Facebook Ad Group ID


Event time – Rounded up


Unique AppsFlyer User ID


Device ID Hashed MD5


If the attribution was from a view


Facebook channel (Instagram, Facebook Audience Network, Facebook Ads, Messenger)





http://FMP_postbackURL.........&FMP_ADGroup_name ={adgroup_name}

In-App Event Postbacks

Upon In-app events, AppsFlyer can return the following parameters (in addition to the above):

Parameter Name Parameter Name Convention

Event Name*


Event Value




The FMP can choose to receive the in-app event name as the advertiser configured it in AppsFlyer's SDK or to have the advertiser fill in a free text field per event. 

Note - when mapping in-app events to be sent as postbacks to the FMP, there is an automatic in-app event called "af_app_opened", which appears on the top of the list. This event cannot be sent to FMPs as postback, even if the dashboard allows it.

AppsFlyer Partner Account Access

In addition to the callbacks integration above, you can also apply for an AppsFlyer Account, which allows you to access the traffic you are generating via a visual dashboard, aggregated performance reports and additional APIs.

The AppsFlyer Account provides you with access to all in-app activity generated by the users you drive to the app. In order to connect the app and the data to such an account, we need written authorization from the developer/advertiser. 

User Level Data Policy

  • AppsFlyer cannot pass IDFA or Android/Advertising ID.
  • AppsFlyer passes rounded up installs/events timestamps to the closest hour.

For example: If an install happened at 4.32pm and 42 seconds, we can pass 5pm as the timestamp

  • AppsFlyer can use a Random ID of its own creation to attach to events that ID shouldn’t be derived from the IDFA/Android ID and should be unique to Facebook. Same random ID can be passed downstream for In-app events postbacks.


 Based on Facebook terms sending post backs is available only for companies who obtain the following badges: Ad Technology


Click HEREto see the full list 

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