Integrating Meta campaign management partners with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Learn what data types Meta campaign management partners can receive from AppsFlyer.

Install postbacks

Upon conversion, AppsFlyer can return the following parameters:

Parameter Name Parameter Name Convention

Campaign Name


Campaign ID


Ad Set Name


Ad Set ID


Ad Group Name


Ad Group ID


Event time – Rounded up


Unique AppsFlyer User ID


Device ID Hashed MD5


If the attribution was from a view


Channel (Instagram, Meta Audience Network, Facebook, Messenger)





http://mcmp_postbackURL.........&mcmp_ADset_name ={adset_name}

In-app event postbacks

Upon In-app events, AppsFlyer can return the following parameters (in addition to the above):

Parameter Name Parameter Name Convention

Event Name*


Event Value




* The Meta campaign management partner can choose to receive the in-app event name as the advertiser configured it in AppsFlyer's SDK or to have the advertiser fill in a free text field per event.

User-level data policy

  • AppsFlyer cannot pass IDFA or Android/Advertising ID.
  • AppsFlyer passes rounded-up installs/events timestamps to the closest hour.

For example: If an install happened at 4.32 pm and 42 seconds, we can pass 5 pm as the timestamp

  • AppsFlyer can use a Random ID of its own creation to attach to events that ID shouldn’t be derived from the IDFA/Android ID and should be unique to Meta ads. The same random ID can be passed downstream for In-app event postbacks.


Based on Meta terms sending postbacks is available only for companies obtaining the following badges: Ad Technology


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