Disabling Install Postbacks for CPA Based Campaigns

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Who Needs it?

How can you run a CPA (Cost per action) based mobile campaign?

Ad networks can use mapped in-app event postbacks sent from AppsFlyer for charging, instead of the standard install postbacks.

However, some networks require getting ONLY the specific in-app event postback (e.g. purchase) to effectively run a CPA campaign. These networks wish to prevent install postbacks, but still need to receive postbacks for specific in-app events.

By adding a simple parameter on AppsFlyer's tracking links this can be easily achieved. Note that installs, that come from these tracking links, are still attributed, aggregated and presented normally on AppsFlyer's dashboard and data.

Preventing Install Postbacks

Add af_installpostback=false as an additional parameter on the link to disable the install postbacks.


Installs coming from the link below do not result in install postbacks:


For a list of AppsFlyer's available tracking links macros go here.

Who Can Disable Install Postbacks?

Since disabling install postbacks entails but a simple addition on the tracking link, it can be added by either the advertiser or the ad network.

SRNs, which don't use external tracking links, can't use the af_installpostback parameter, and therefore can't disable install postbacks.


When adding the af_installpostback to the link, it not only stops sending postbacks to the direct media source, but also to all third party analytic networks such as Mixpanel, Localytics or Amplitude. For a full list of 3rd Party Analytic Partners, click here.


Disabling install postbacks can cause serious reconciliation problems between advertisers and ad networks if not agreed upon in advance. Advertisers and ad networks MUST have consent from one another BEFORE starting to use tracking links with disabled install postbacks.

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