Daily Report

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The Daily Report provides a quick report of daily activity of clicks, installs and performance per Media Source and Campaign.

The Report Parameters

Column Name Description



Agency/PMD (af_prt)

Agency / Partner Name

Media Source (pid)

Media source that generates the install (pid=media source)

Campaign (c)

Campaign name (c= campaign name)


Number of clicks


Click-through Rate


First app open

Conversion Rate

Number of installs / number of clicks


Number of Sessions

Loyal Users

Number of Loyal Users

Additional Information

A CSV report is available in the AppsFlyer Dashboard.

You can also use our API for importing the data directly to your servers. Simply use the following API below:

https:// hq.appsflyer.com/export/id54334543875/partners_by_date_report/v5?api_token={api_token}&from={from_date}&to={to_date}


  • {api_token} is the user's external API authorization token: "153459-7017-4af5-931d-ae9ab34b4e96"
  • {from_date} is the report's start date in the format "yyyy-mm-dd". For example: 2010-01-01
  • {to_date} is the report's end date in the format "yyyy-mm-dd". For example: 2010-01-01
  • All parameters are required.
  • The Daily Report is a real-time report.

A Daily Report example is attached:

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